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Chrome demo 27.09.2002

Three weeks ago Techland prepared a public poll concerning Chrome demo on www.chromethegame.com. This enabled the players’ community to speak out their opinions about the issue. A week ago all the votes have been counted.

The response has been tremendous, showing how many people are awaiting the demo. Chrome team gathered all the suggestions posted by the fans and went through all of them. Some of them were quite good and original. Of course, tastes vary and not everyone can be satisfied. The players’ ideas did have a large influence on making the decision to RELEASE the multiplayer demo. It should present most of the features which will be in the final version. The demo should also feature several different maps and game types, such as: death match, team death match, team domination and capture the flag. The planned release date is within 1-1,5 month, but this depends also on third party, such as publisher and server hosts.

In case of any further changes of the demo addition information shall be released.

Temat Autor Data  
Chomix 31·10·2001-01:01  
Odp: :)
[FPP]Krypton 31·10·2001-03:01  
juz to widze
Seoman 01·11·2001-08:01  
Odp: dobry pomysl?
sniper 01·11·2001-16:02  


Autor: [FPP]Krypton
Aktualizacja: 10·12·2001 - 04:01




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